3 Ways You can Look Stunning This Summer

It’s that time of year when the warm sun is out until late and the party season is still in full swing.  The weather is still so warm outside that even with the slight thought of it you can taste that refreshing bottle of beer or cider or glass of wine on your tongue.  All eyes are on you because you look so stunning in your super cute dress and heeled shoes.  I want to show you three ways you can look stunning this summer for less than $70.  Plus, if you leave your email with me you’ll get access to discount codes and other free things through my resource library.


Be the center of attention while wearing this cute black and white check 50s inspired dress.  Look like a 1950’s goddess and pinup babe when you wear this dress with a hot pink petticoat and matching hot pink earrings.


Show off and draw attention your amazing feminine figure by wearing a black belt on your waist with this dress.  Top it all off with a cute pair of black heels and you’ll be turning heads for sure.


Look absolutely fabulous while you wear this blue polka dot vintage inspired dress with cute sleeves and button embellishments.  This dress is a Creepy & Co best seller and I bet you can tell why.  This dress will make you look absolutely perfect when you wear it with a matching white or black petticoat and earrings.


You are guaranteed to turn heads when you wear this dress out to your next party or special event.  The print on this dress is going to make you look stunning for sure.  Create that perfect pinup look when you wear this dress with a red or navy blue petticoat.  Add that extra level of cuteness with a cute set of red earringsshoes and a cardigan.

Which dress is going to make you look stunning?

Take care & keep safe!




20 Random Facts about Ashleigh from Creepy & Co

This week I wanted to step away from rambling about what’s been happening at Creepy & Co and share with you a little bit more about me with these 20 random facts.


I have never shared anything else like this before as I like to keep my personal and my working girl hats separate, but I’ve decided to let down some those boundaries and share some random facts about me.

1 – My favourite quote for this year is by Erin Hanson “And you ask “what if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”  I’ve got some pretty big goals that I’m working towards this year, goals that I fear I will fail.  Its so easy to give up, but I then think, “what if it works out and everything is okay?”.


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2 – One of the best ways to win my heart is to take me somewhere out to eat that offers a Chicken Parmigiana.  Its my favourite “pub meal” and I will create a blog about this one day!

3 – I am still in love with Lady Gaga and have been since day one.  I even have a coffee table book of her full of photographs.  I’m not so keen on her Artpop album but I am super excited about her new album Joanne.  I’d highly recommend listening to it if you haven’t already. It’s a beautiful album dedicated to her aunt.  I’d love for you to guess which is my favourite song on there!


Image source 

4 – I am completely shit house at sport, but I secretly love to watch it live.  I do enjoy KFC Big Bash League (cricket).

5 – I have a secret fetish with watching engineering shows.  Especially shows about how big things are built and how factories work.  Amazing stuff.

6 – My stress levels sky rocket over the sound of hearing other people’s music in the distance.  You know that repetitive doof, doof, doof sound.  It’s like the sound of a dripping tap or a loud clock.  Its enough to make me want to break something.

7 – My worst habit, and I’m sure the husband would agree, is that I leave empty glasses everywhere.  My rationale?  Why wash up my glass and reuse it when there is a whole cupboard full of glasses to be used.  Another bad habit came to light the other day.  Me leaving empty toilet roll cases in random places and conveniently forgetting about them.

8 – If I won the lottery I would love to buy an old period home that’s full of history.  You know those homes that you see on Pinterest and Instagram in those beautiful photos!

9 – I don’t wear make up.  I would really prefer to spend those extra minutes asleep in bed.  Plus, I really have no idea where do start.


10 – My go to movies that I watch over and over again are “Step Brothers”, “Hot Chick”, “School of Rock” and “Meet the Millers.

11 – I really like the TV shows “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones”.  I don’t get to watch them on the TV so I wait patiently for the DVD to come out and try to avoid those spoilers (yep.  I know that **** dies.  Facebook ruined it for me.  I managed to avoid it for three days!

12 – Back in the day I had a major celebrity crush on Elijah Wood (think Frodo from the Lord of the Rings) and Billie-Joe Armstrong (Green Day).  So hot!


Image source

13 – I am very privileged to have two University Degrees – a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Social Work.

14 – Aside from working on my online store Creepy & Co and running the Creepy & Co Blog, I work with children who are not able to live at home because they’re not safe.  Its challenging, but the kids are great and I enjoy spending time colouring in with them and talking.

15 – My favourite songs to sing in the car are anything Lady Gaga (Bad Romance!), Jesus of Suburbia (Green Day) and I also don’t mind singing along to Taylor Swift!

16 – My kryptonite is a drink of cold Milo made with two super sized heaped spoons of Milo, sometimes three.  I also like a spoon of Nutella chocolate spread every now and again.

17 – I like to cook chocolate cupcakes.


18 – In case you haven’t noticed I love the whole vintage pinup thing & it was even the theme for our wedding.


19 – I’ve had the same mobile phone number for the last 10 years.  My mum arranged it for me when I was in high school.  I’ve only just got a fancy new phone & couldn’t get a sim to fit without my mum being there =[.  So embarrassing when you’re 25 & still have to have your mum there.

20 – I love sewing and have been sewing ever since I was about 5 years old!


I’d love for you to share a random fact about yourself.  Feel free to leave a random fact in the comments!

Take care & keep safe!

Ashleigh x


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How you can Dress Pinup Style Using Items from your Wardrobe

So often, I get asked by members of my exclusive club how they can dress pinup style on a budget or how they can incorporate a touch of pinup to their every day outfit.  The good news girls is that most of these items can be found in your wardrobe already!


This video by Miss Cherry Dollface gives you vintage and pinup style outfit ideas using every day items that are already in your wardrobe.  There’s no need to spend lots and lots of money buying the latest in pinup and rockabilly fashion.

Media source

I’d love to see what outfit you came up with using items from your wardrobe.  You’re welcome to share by commenting below, visiting my Facebook page or Instagram or by sending me an email.

Take care & keep safe.

Ashleigh x

A New Year a New You: 11 Goals to Smash in 2017

Its now January 2017 and its the ideal time for me to share with you my goals for my online business Creepy & Co and myself for the next 12 months ahead.  When I was brainstorming what I was going to post about this year I originally had this post as “Hopes & Dreams”, but when I label things like that, that’s all I tend to do.  I hope things would happen and dream of what things could be like and that’s where it stops.


Personally, hoping and dreaming doesn’t get me anywhere but goals do and I’m determined to smash these goals in 2017.  By sharing them with you and visiting them at the end of the year makes me accountable.  Here goes!

#1 Fully Stocked Store 

One thing that I want to smash this year is increasing the inventory of what I have available at Creepy & Co.  I want to offer you the opportunity to buy pretty dresses, skirts and tops with different options to choose from, as well as hair accessories, jewellery, clothing accessories and lingerie.  I want to be able to offer you popular brands such as Hell Bunny and Hearts & Roses, but I want to be able to become a stockist of independent creators and makers.


#2 Blog 

I had been deliberating about this forever and have finally got my bum into gear.  I’m determined to post to the blog once a week sharing with you fashion and style tips, as well as taking you behind the scenes of Creepy & Co and to also get to know each other better.


#3 Social Media 

This one I am not so great at.  My goal for 2017 is to touch base with you all on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram consistently, even if it is at least once per day.  It will be a great way for me to keep things fun, get to know you and how I can help you, but also a way to let you know what is available in store and what’s coming soon.


#4 Welcome more Members to the Creepy & Co Exclusive Club

Another goal I am determined to smash this year is to welcome more members to my exclusive club at Creepy & Co.  Our club is 1000+ members strong and I am determine to double that figure in 2017!

There’s no cost to become a member.  Just hand over your email.  If you haven’t become a member already then please leave your email.  In exchange I’ll keep you up to date with new and restocked things in store, let you know what’s new on the blog and also give you exclusive discounts to send in store.

#5 In Home Pop Up Shop

One thing that I get constantly asked by locals is “am I able to try it on?”.  I have been thinking of a way that I can do this and one idea that I had was to offer a pop up shop in your home for a couple of hours where you can invite your friends, try on pretty dresses and buy things at a discount.  I haven’t worked out any details or logistics of this yet but its on my to do list!


Image source

#6 Actually Use my Daily Planner 

Every year I go through the same thing, “I’ll buy a super cute daily planner and I’ll use it this year”, but never do.  This year is the year I’m going to make it happen!  I’ve not only bought one planner but two! One to list tasks and the other to track my progress on these goals.


Personal Goals 

#7 Pay More off Our Mortgage 

A goal that my husband and I were able to achieve in 2016 was to buy our first home together.  I had been working towards this goal for years and was super excited when an offer we had placed on the property was accepted and we could call it our own.  My goal for this year is use what I earn from Creepy & Co to continue paying extra and smash out paying our loan off as fast as possible.

#8 Create a Self Care Routine 

Outside of Creepy & Co I am a social worker who works with children who are not able to live with their families because they’re not safe.  It’s a tough gig, with your own personal beliefs and values being challenged at every step of the way.  I come home at the end of each day feeling absolutely exhausted, yet feeling grateful.


To prevent burning out and not getting compassion fatigue I’m determined to create a self care routine and actually stick to it.

#9 Move More 

My day job requires me to sit at a desk a lot of the time and not move.  As a result I’ve put on one or two or 50kg.  Exercise isn’t my thing and I’ll find any excuse not to do it.  In 2017 its my goal to prioritise it and make it come first before anything else.

#10 Stress Less 

A lot of things happened in my life in 2016 which caused a lot of stress and required a lot of resilience on my part.  This year I’m determined to stress and worry less.

#11 Date Night/Day with the Husband 

In March 2017 my husband and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary but eight happy years together.  We both work full time and a lot of the time we live our lives on a cycle of “wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed”.  This year I’m determined to go on a date with him at least once a month.


I would love to hear what your goals are in 2017 and we can smash them out together.  Feel free to share by commenting on this blog post.

I’ll see you back here in 12 months time to see how far we have come.

Take care & keep safe.

Ashleigh x

Creepy & Co

3 Ways to Wear a Creepy & Co Sugar Skull Crop Top

The Sugar Skull pinup halter neck crop top is a very popular choice in my online store Creepy & Co.  Its made from bright cotton fabric in a sweet Sugar Skull print, is fully lined for stability and features a classic sweetheart neckline.


This Sugar Skull top is so versatile.  It can be worn in so many different ways.  Whatever way you choose to wear it you will always be guaranteed to look and feel stunning.  Here are three of my favourite ways you can wear your very own Sugar Skull top.


This halter neck top looks super cute worn with a plain black skirt, a chunky black belt and accessorised with a red bead necklace, a black bead bracelet and cute black button bud earrings.


If your not as confident as others and prefer to compliment your outfit with a cute cardigan or shrug the Sugar Skull top will look absolutely gorgeous on you.


Finally, show off your inner pinup bombshell beauty teaming your Sugar Skull top with a pair of high waist jeans or black crop pants.

The team at Creepy & Co love having things in store that you will love and cannot wait to show off. We always keep you in mind with everything that we do. Each Creepy & Co product is gift wrapped with care because we take pride in making you feel special. Creepy & Co products can be found in boutique stores throughout Australia, but new releases are only available online.

Buy quality. Buy love. Buy Creepy & Co.

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8 DollHouse Photography Images that will Inspire You

Women travel all over the world to experience a photo shoot with the award winning DollHouse Photography.  This amazing team of women specialise in pinup, boudoir and modern photography styles in Birmingam, United Kingdom.  They also tour the United States every year.

At DollHouse Photography your hair and makeup is taken care of by the team of top stylists and all of the beautiful clothing showcased in each photograph is supplied by them.  The team are known for their guidance on how to pose and ensure that you always look your most beautiful self.

What I love most about about Dollhouse Photography is that it encourages beauty, confidence and sexiness no matter what body shape.  Here are eight images from DollHouse Photography that will inspire you to show off your inner beauty bombshell.


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source

Feeling inspired?  Why not read my post on what I think are must have items for a killer pinup wardrobe?

How Just Asking Can Save You Money at Creepy & Co

Have you browsed through my store lately and ever wondered, “I wonder what would that print would look like made into one of those cute pinup crop tops?”  Have you ever thought, “I love that print but I’m just not sure?”  This is what happened to Lucy, a dear member of my Creepy & Co community.


A few months ago, I received an email from a lovely young lady.  She said to me that she had been having difficulty finding something different to wear while visiting her family in Europe and after scrolling through her newsfeed on Facebook something had caught her eye.


Lucy told me that she had been following me on my Creepy & Co Facebook page for a while and said that she had seen a post that I had shared a few months ago of some fabric that I had purchased especially for my pinup style crop tops.

Lucy said that she knew it had been some time since I had shared the post and wondered if there was a chance it was still available as it was exactly what she had been looking for.  Lucy was in luck.  Not only did I have that fabric available, but I had added Creepy & Co Crop Tops to my fabric stash.

Creepy & Co Crop Top Collection

I took some photographs of the fabrics in my stash to show Lucy and she told me which print she liked and what style of top she wanted.  After several emails back and forth, Lucy then said it.  She said that she was not sold on the print and really was not sure.


I know how difficult and stressful it can be trying to imagine what something might be like when you only have a picture of some fabric and your imagination.  I can be a difficult task.  I have exactly the same trouble!

I said to Lucy, “I’m more than happy to make you a top in the size and style that you’d like.  There’s no pressure to buy it if you don’t like it and it will give me a chance to finally make one to photograph properly and add it to my store.”  Lucy was keen for this to happen and gave me a time frame of when she left to travel overseas.


Within a short period of time I had completely finished her top and it was ready for the big reveal.  I loved the finished product and I knew Lucy would too.  The stars in the print looked like they sparked.  Lucy was so excited to see it finished and said that it was exactly what she wanted.  She said that the fabric looked perfect and that she could not be happier.  Lucy was that impressed with the final product that she had asked me to make a matching headband!  Winning!


When I opened my store Creepy and Co, it was my goal to go that extra mile for my Creepy & Co community.  I would really hate for you to feel that you have to work things out on your own.    I am always keen make myself available to help in any way possible and answer those curiosities and questions that you might have.  Nothing is too much trouble I assure you.

So next time you’re browsing through my store and wouldn’t mind seeing something in it’s made up glory, just shoot me an email!

Until next time, take care and keep safe.

Ashleigh x

9 Must Have Items for that Killer Pinup Style Wardrobe

I frequently get asked from people what I believe to be the basics to a perfect beginner pinup themed wardrobe.  Here I share my nine must have items for you to achieve that killer pinup style wardrobe.


What I love most about modern pinup fashion is its emphasis on femininity, sexiness and confidence, as well as the fact that this classic style has been around for decades.  The origins of the pinup style came about since the 1930’s, when posters of sassy and seductive ladies (pinup girls) were mass produced in popular culture.


Image source

I love to collect vintage sewing patterns from the 1940s and 1950s.  There’s something about the images on the front that makes me wish it was that time again and reminds me that I should have been born in a different era.  Going back through my collection it’s so easy to see that this style is known for its assents on your waist line, feminine silhouettes and classic necklines.  So, if you were blessed with that gorgeous hour-glass figure, which unfortunately I was not, you’re winning!

Image source 


When I started collecting pinup style clothing, I fell into a deep, passionate love affair with dresses.  You can tell my husband about this.  He knows!  To me, dresses would have to be my number one must have item in my pinup wardrobe.  Going through my vintage sewing pattern collection it’s clear to see that two main style of dresses were very popular.  These were the swing dress and the wiggle dress.

Swing Dress

The swing dress has a very characteristic by its fitted top and its flare at the hips.  This design emphasises your waist and creates that gorgeous feminine silhouette.  For that ultra-feminine look, I like to wear my dresses with a petticoat.  This added detail always makes me feel good and I am guaranteed to get compliments.  Good luck stuffing yourself into the front of your car though!  It’s a challenge for me to do it gracefully.


Image Source 

Swing dresses are supposed to be fun, feminine and girly and can be dressed up or dressed down, so build up your collection of dresses in plain colours, polka dots, stripes, flower prints, checks and gingham, fruits and anything else that’s fun.

Check out my fabulous collection of swing dresses I have available in my store.

Wiggle Dresses

I’m not blessed enough to be able to wear wiggle dresses (too many fat rolls) at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming!  These dresses are firm fitting and tight (so tight you have to wiggle to move anywhere).  They’re designed to celebrate your curves by embracing those hips and screams hot and sexy!


Image source

Click here to view my collection of wiggle dresses available in store.


Like dresses, there are two main styles of skirts that scream pinup; the circle skirt and the pencil or wiggle skirt.  These are also known for their assents on your waist and celebration of your curves.  Circle skirts can be worn as they are, but like dresses, I like to wear mine with a petticoat.  Pencil skirts need to place emphasis on your waist.  So any skirt that sits at your waist and shows off your curves would be a great start for any pinup wardrobe.


Image source

Tops and Blouses

Tops and blouses in the 1940s and 1950s had a signature style neckline.  Classic necklines include the sweetheart neckline, off the shoulder neckline, halter strap necklines and boat neck necklines.  My favourite style neckline would have to be the sweetheart neckline.  Nothing says femininity more than that.


Image source


Another must have, and a personal favourite of mine, is the cropped cardigan.  I like to wear my pinup style outfits with a cardigan for that extra bit of cuteness.  I’m also a bigger girl with more to love, so I feel much more confident when I wear a matching cardigan to my outfit.  Cardigans are also great for keeping warm when the weather is cool.


Image source


Other must have items that I think create that killer pinup wardrobe is a pair of 1940’s high waist swing pants, which are perfect for winter.  A cute pair of capri pants are perfect for the summer weather and look awesome with heels.  Finally, a cute pair of high waist shorts are perfect for summer time fun.


Image source

Must Have Accessories

To compliment my must have pinup clothing I have a range of must have fashion accessories.  Different combinations of these accessories allow me to create multiple outfits.

Petticoats and Stockings

I like to wear petticoats under my swing dresses and skirts to create that full skirt look and create even more emphasis on my waist.  I have a collection of go to colours in my wardrobe such as black, white, red and pink.  I have so many colours available in my store to start off your very own collection.


Image source

Nothing else screams vintage inspired than seamed stockings or panty hose.  These are not high on my list but I know a lot of you ladies love to wear them.  They look super sexy and will turn heads.


Apart from a petticoat that I use to create that full skirt look, a chunky belt is also on my must have pinup style list and I think I have a belt in every colour possible.  Belts are a perfect way to create definition between your upper body and hips as well as draw attention to your waist.


Image source

Hair Accessories

I love to wear scarfs, hair flowers, tie up headbands and hair bows and I have a large collection of these in different colours which I use to compliment my outfits.


Image source


Finally, to top it all off I love to accessories with a cute vintage inspired hand bag.  The size really depends on your needs and what you like to carry but be careful of accessorising with bags that may be too bulky.  I’d highly recommend starting your collection off with a black hand bag as black goes with everything!


Image source

I hope this guide is helpful for you in creating the beginnings of a killer pinup style wardrobe.  In summary, begin with anything that emphasises your waist, showcases your curves and makes you feel confident and sexy.

I’d love to hear what your must have items are in your killer pinup wardrobe.  Please share by commenting below.