Down the Rabbit Hole Pinup Dress Photo Shoot

I was finally able to road test the “Down the Rabbit Hole Pinup Dress” and take some beautifully modeled photographs of the dress in it’s full pinup glory.  What do you think?

Alice in wonderland pinup rockabilly photo shoot 5

Alice in wonderland pinup rockabilly photo shoot 6

Alice in wonderland pinup rockabilly photo shoot 4

Alice in wonderland pinup rockabilly photo shoot 10

Want to be a Creepy & Co model? 

If you are local to Hobart, Tasmania and interested in modelling Creepy & Co clothing and receiving some free pinup inspired photographs of yourself please contact me for more information.

Ashleigh x

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Down the Rabbit Hole Pinup Dress

If you have joined the Creepy & Co Exclusive Club you would have learned by now that my online store is taking a new direction.  What was originally a store full of handmade surprises, I felt that it lost focus and direction and it was heading down a path that I decided not to follow any longer.  I could see the obstacles ahead and was hearing your feedback very loud and clear (thanks guys!).  It wasn’t what you wanted and it wasn’t what I wanted to give you.  It’s not so much a new direction, but a return of what people love and what I know best.

From this point forward Creepy & Co will step away from mass produced manufactured clothing but bring you high end, handmade, designer clothing inspired by 1950’s pinup and rockabilly fashion.

alice in wonderland pinup dress blog

I would love to show you a new dress that I have been working on in my studio.  It’s such a fun and cute dress and your feedback on it has been exceptional.  I am so pleased that you love it so much that sizes have already sold out before it has even launched!

Introducing the “Down the Rabbit Hole” pinup dress inspired by the tale of Alice in Wonderland.

alice in wonderland pinup dress 5

1. Handmade and Exceptional Quality 

The dresses and other clothing at Creepy & Co are handmade in the studio from luscious designer cotton fabrics in bright and colourful prints.  Each fabric is hand picked and matched with a specific garment of clothing in mind.  Clothing made at Creepy & Co is made ethically and in such a way that it is environmentally friendly.  No scrap of fabric contributes to the growing waste in the community.  Every bit of fabric is used. Creepy & Co prides itself on presenting you high end, designer, vintage inspired, quality fashion.

alice in wonderland pinup dress 6

2. Unique and Rare

Each garment at Creepy & Co is unique and extremely rare.  Only enough fabric is purchased to make one or two of its kind.  This means that you can buy clothing from my store with the comfort of knowing that you’re one of the only dolls around wearing your style of dress.

alice in wonderland pinup dress 2

3. Classically Ladylike and Made for You 

My online store Creepy & Co showcases garments that are classically ladylike that are designed to draw attention to your favourite feminine features such as your breasts, waist and hips.  The many styles available in store keep in line with the classic 1950s era of necklines and hemlines which are done in a way that looks chic and stylish, but with a modern twist.

Creepy & Co loves to celebrate all things beautiful and believes that no woman should miss out on looking so chic and stylish because of their shape and size. The garments available at Creepy & Co come in plus sizes so you can look fabulous too!

alice wonderland handmade pinup rockabilly dress 2

4. So Many Ways to Style 

There is not one way to style your dress bought from Creepy & Co.  My favourite way to style this dress is with a cute belt (which will draw attention to your waist even more), a matching necklace and your favourite pair of shoes!

alice in wonderland pinup dress 3


5. Wearing Your Dress 

So many people tell me what when they wear one of their dress I’ve made for them they feel so confident and beautiful.  They love how feminine it makes them feel.  They tell me that they receive so many compliments and that they know people are looking at them and they love it!

This Down the Rabbit Hole pinup dress is only available in size 12.  Buy your dress now.

Until next time!

Ashleigh x

How to Earn 1950s Inspired Pinup Dresses for Free: Coming Soon

Have you ever browsed through my online store, admired all of those beautiful pinup dresses, added things to your shopping cart and then thought, “damn it, I cannot afford all of this!”.

Good news dolls.  I think I have an idea, but I’d love to know what you all think.

Earn Free 1950s Pinup Rockabilly Dresses and Accessories

I am offering you the chance to get everything on your Creepy & Co wish list for free if you host a 30 minute online event.  I haven’t decided on the fine details yet but I would love your input and find out whether it is something you would be interested in.  At the moment this will be for Australia shoppers only.

Here are some of my ideas so far:

  • Exclusive pinup clothing range only available to you and your guests.
  • Themed events such as classic pinup, geek, psychobilly and pretty in prints.
  • Earn free products based on a point system.
  • Win prizes
  • Tutorials with hints and tips
  • And exclusive discounts only available to you and your guest.

I’d love to hear what you think and your ideas!

Sound like something that you would like to do?  Click the image below, leave your email and tell me about it!


Until next time,

Ashleigh x

5 Minute Pinup Hair Tutorial for Long Hair

Many follows of my online store Creepy & Co ask me how they can get the vintage pinup hair look when they have long hair, as most tutorials are made for those with shoulder length hair.

5 minute pinup hair tutorial for long hair

I stumbled across this tutorial by Melissa Merk on YouTube.  This easy to follow hair tutorial shows how you can create that perfect pinup updo in less than 5 minutes which is ideal if you need to quickly head out of the door.  The best thing about this tutorial as it will suit most hair lengths, especially long hair.


  • Bobby Pins
  • Comb/brush
  • Hair spray
  • Hair curler
  • Hair tie
  • Bandana

NOTE:  This video is a paid sponsored video by All Things Hair so be aware that it is advertising specific products.


Share below by commenting the link to your favourite pinup hair tutorial.

Until next time,

Ashleigh x


10 Ways to Get your Pinup On in April

This week at Creepy & Co I have released a new collection of 1950’s pinup inspired dresses and to celebrate I am offering a 20% off sale.  If you become a member of my exclusive club you will get an additional 10% off.  Continue reading to see what’s new and how you can join the club.

April launch sale happening now

These new pinup inspired dresses are a must have in any wardrobe.  You don’t need to be a modern pinup model to wear them.  Each new dress is perfect if you’re looking for a piece of clothing that will make you look put together and complete.

Shop this look 2-1

Each rockabilly themed dress can be accessories in so many different ways.  You can wear them with matching petticoats or without.  You can wear them with cute cardigans or without.

Shop this look 8-1

Create different outfits with clothing and accessories already in your wardrobe.  If you don’t have then you may find it in store.

Shop this look 7-1

The possibilities are endless.

Shop this look 6-1

When you wear one of the new 1950’s inspired dresses now available in store you are guaranteed to feel very pretty and exceptionally beautiful.  They will make you have a boost in confidence as you standout from the crowd.

Shop this look 1-1

One of the best things about pinup fashion is that it celebrates femininity.  These dresses show off your fabulous curves, making them suitable for women of all body shapes and sizes.

Shop this look 2-1

You will feel like the most beautiful pinup bombshell going around.

Shop this look 3-1

Each dress in my new collection are the perfect dress to wear to your next car show, birthday celebration or the next wedding or ceremony.  The best thing about these dresses is that they are also appropriate for work.

Shop this look 4-1

These dresses are only available for a very limited time, so take advantage of the 20% off sale and buy now.


Join my exclusive club by clicking here, visiting the online store or leaving your email on the blog to get your additional 10% off your entire order.


Creepy & Co is a brand of exceptional quality.  All products in store are gift wrapped in Creepy & Co themed packaging because Creepy & Co celebrates all things women; all things you.  No stock is available on site.  Once your payment has been cleared I place an order directly with the supplier or I sew it for you.  Please allow up to six weeks for your order to arrive from the supplier, be gift wrapped and then shipped directly to you.  I understand that it can be a stressful experience buying online, so buy now with the comfort of an easy 100% money back guarantee.

IMG_1536m - 1

Until next time,

Ashleigh x

April launch sale happening now

New Season Launch: Early Bird Sale Coming Soon

Hello you!  Guess what?  I am super excited to let you know that I will have a new collection of pinup styled dresses available in my online store, Creepy & Co, very soon.


These dresses scream style and sophistication.  You’re not going to want to miss adding these to your own dress stash of dresses.

The new collections will not be launched until April, 2017, but I am giving you the chance to buy each of these dresses at a ridiculously low price in an early bird sale. Simpy leave your email here  and wait for an announcement.  Don’t forget to use your complimentary $5 off voucher before it expires!

Facebook image 1

I hope you see you there!

Take care,

Ashleigh x

How to go from Nasty to Classy: Quick & Easy Pinup Hair Tutorial

One of the best things about pinup hair is that you can get away with not having to wash your hair everyday.  So what happens when its been two or three days after you’ve washed it and your hair is starting to get nasty?  In this blog post, Pinup Doll Ashley Marie shares her quick and easy pinup hair tutorial that takes your hair from nasty to classy!

This style should take you 15 minutes or less.  Don’t forget to leave your email to receive your free checklist.


Comment below your favourite go to hairstyle when your hair is feeling nasty.

Until next time,

Ashleigh x


Creepy & Co: February Season Launch

I have some fresh new looks available in my online store and to celebrate I am offering 20% off your entire purchase (find the discount code below).  Hurry though! This offer is only valid for 7 days.  Join my exclusive club and receive a bonus 10% off code (that’s a total of 30% off!)

Click individual photos for prices and other information about each collection.

Bettie Deville Collection


The Bettie Deville collection showcases a gorgeous black and white gingham print dress with gorgeous matching accessories.  You can create so many looks with this dress by teaming it with different coloured accessories.

Dixie Dress Collection


The Dixie Dress collection showcases a beautiful dress that’s perfect to wear going out to dinner or somewhere special.

Lola Dress Collection


The Lola Dress Collection showcases an absolutely beautiful dress with big red roses.  Team this dress with red and navy blue for a stunning and sophisticated look.

Ruby Royale Dress Collection


Get your pinup bombshell on with the Ruby Royale Dress Collection.  This collection showcases a sexy red polka dot dress that is sure to turn heads!

Sugar Von Tease Collection


Look gorgeous in the sugar skull pinup top which is the standout item in the Sugar Von Tease collection.

Belle Dress Collection


Be the beauty in Beauty and the Beast in this Belle inspired dress collection.

Candy La Rose Collection


Feel strong, sexy and confident with the Candy La Rose Collection.

Violet Divine Collection


You cannot go wrong with the Violet Divine Collection if you’re looking for an outfit for your next party.

Sweet Wilde Collection


Look pretty in pink when you accessorise the Sweet Wilde Collection.  Create many different outfits using combinations of different accessories.



Join my exclusive club by clicking the link below to get a bonus 10% off.


Until next time!

Ashleigh x
Creepy & Co