Down the Rabbit Hole Pinup Dress Photo Shoot

I was finally able to road test the “Down the Rabbit Hole Pinup Dress” and take some beautifully modeled photographs of the dress in it’s full pinup glory.  What do you think?

Alice in wonderland pinup rockabilly photo shoot 5

Alice in wonderland pinup rockabilly photo shoot 6

Alice in wonderland pinup rockabilly photo shoot 4

Alice in wonderland pinup rockabilly photo shoot 10

Want to be a Creepy & Co model? 

If you are local to Hobart, Tasmania and interested in modelling Creepy & Co clothing and receiving some free pinup inspired photographs of yourself please contact me for more information.

Ashleigh x

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Down the Rabbit Hole Pinup Dress

If you have joined the Creepy & Co Exclusive Club you would have learned by now that my online store is taking a new direction.  What was originally a store full of handmade surprises, I felt that it lost focus and direction and it was heading down a path that I decided not to follow any longer.  I could see the obstacles ahead and was hearing your feedback very loud and clear (thanks guys!).  It wasn’t what you wanted and it wasn’t what I wanted to give you.  It’s not so much a new direction, but a return of what people love and what I know best.

From this point forward Creepy & Co will step away from mass produced manufactured clothing but bring you high end, handmade, designer clothing inspired by 1950’s pinup and rockabilly fashion.

alice in wonderland pinup dress blog

I would love to show you a new dress that I have been working on in my studio.  It’s such a fun and cute dress and your feedback on it has been exceptional.  I am so pleased that you love it so much that sizes have already sold out before it has even launched!

Introducing the “Down the Rabbit Hole” pinup dress inspired by the tale of Alice in Wonderland.

alice in wonderland pinup dress 5

1. Handmade and Exceptional Quality 

The dresses and other clothing at Creepy & Co are handmade in the studio from luscious designer cotton fabrics in bright and colourful prints.  Each fabric is hand picked and matched with a specific garment of clothing in mind.  Clothing made at Creepy & Co is made ethically and in such a way that it is environmentally friendly.  No scrap of fabric contributes to the growing waste in the community.  Every bit of fabric is used. Creepy & Co prides itself on presenting you high end, designer, vintage inspired, quality fashion.

alice in wonderland pinup dress 6

2. Unique and Rare

Each garment at Creepy & Co is unique and extremely rare.  Only enough fabric is purchased to make one or two of its kind.  This means that you can buy clothing from my store with the comfort of knowing that you’re one of the only dolls around wearing your style of dress.

alice in wonderland pinup dress 2

3. Classically Ladylike and Made for You 

My online store Creepy & Co showcases garments that are classically ladylike that are designed to draw attention to your favourite feminine features such as your breasts, waist and hips.  The many styles available in store keep in line with the classic 1950s era of necklines and hemlines which are done in a way that looks chic and stylish, but with a modern twist.

Creepy & Co loves to celebrate all things beautiful and believes that no woman should miss out on looking so chic and stylish because of their shape and size. The garments available at Creepy & Co come in plus sizes so you can look fabulous too!

alice wonderland handmade pinup rockabilly dress 2

4. So Many Ways to Style 

There is not one way to style your dress bought from Creepy & Co.  My favourite way to style this dress is with a cute belt (which will draw attention to your waist even more), a matching necklace and your favourite pair of shoes!

alice in wonderland pinup dress 3


5. Wearing Your Dress 

So many people tell me what when they wear one of their dress I’ve made for them they feel so confident and beautiful.  They love how feminine it makes them feel.  They tell me that they receive so many compliments and that they know people are looking at them and they love it!

This Down the Rabbit Hole pinup dress is only available in size 12.  Buy your dress now.

Until next time!

Ashleigh x