3 Ways You can Look Stunning This Summer

It’s that time of year when the warm sun is out until late and the party season is still in full swing.  The weather is still so warm outside that even with the slight thought of it you can taste that refreshing bottle of beer or cider or glass of wine on your tongue.  All eyes are on you because you look so stunning in your super cute dress and heeled shoes.  I want to show you three ways you can look stunning this summer for less than $70.  Plus, if you leave your email with me you’ll get access to discount codes and other free things through my resource library.


Be the center of attention while wearing this cute black and white check 50s inspired dress.  Look like a 1950’s goddess and pinup babe when you wear this dress with a hot pink petticoat and matching hot pink earrings.


Show off and draw attention your amazing feminine figure by wearing a black belt on your waist with this dress.  Top it all off with a cute pair of black heels and you’ll be turning heads for sure.


Look absolutely fabulous while you wear this blue polka dot vintage inspired dress with cute sleeves and button embellishments.  This dress is a Creepy & Co best seller and I bet you can tell why.  This dress will make you look absolutely perfect when you wear it with a matching white or black petticoat and earrings.


You are guaranteed to turn heads when you wear this dress out to your next party or special event.  The print on this dress is going to make you look stunning for sure.  Create that perfect pinup look when you wear this dress with a red or navy blue petticoat.  Add that extra level of cuteness with a cute set of red earringsshoes and a cardigan.

Which dress is going to make you look stunning?

Take care & keep safe!




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