20 Random Facts about Ashleigh from Creepy & Co

This week I wanted to step away from rambling about what’s been happening at Creepy & Co and share with you a little bit more about me with these 20 random facts.


I have never shared anything else like this before as I like to keep my personal and my working girl hats separate, but I’ve decided to let down some those boundaries and share some random facts about me.

1 – My favourite quote for this year is by Erin Hanson “And you ask “what if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”  I’ve got some pretty big goals that I’m working towards this year, goals that I fear I will fail.  Its so easy to give up, but I then think, “what if it works out and everything is okay?”.


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2 – One of the best ways to win my heart is to take me somewhere out to eat that offers a Chicken Parmigiana.  Its my favourite “pub meal” and I will create a blog about this one day!

3 – I am still in love with Lady Gaga and have been since day one.  I even have a coffee table book of her full of photographs.  I’m not so keen on her Artpop album but I am super excited about her new album Joanne.  I’d highly recommend listening to it if you haven’t already. It’s a beautiful album dedicated to her aunt.  I’d love for you to guess which is my favourite song on there!


Image source 

4 – I am completely shit house at sport, but I secretly love to watch it live.  I do enjoy KFC Big Bash League (cricket).

5 – I have a secret fetish with watching engineering shows.  Especially shows about how big things are built and how factories work.  Amazing stuff.

6 – My stress levels sky rocket over the sound of hearing other people’s music in the distance.  You know that repetitive doof, doof, doof sound.  It’s like the sound of a dripping tap or a loud clock.  Its enough to make me want to break something.

7 – My worst habit, and I’m sure the husband would agree, is that I leave empty glasses everywhere.  My rationale?  Why wash up my glass and reuse it when there is a whole cupboard full of glasses to be used.  Another bad habit came to light the other day.  Me leaving empty toilet roll cases in random places and conveniently forgetting about them.

8 – If I won the lottery I would love to buy an old period home that’s full of history.  You know those homes that you see on Pinterest and Instagram in those beautiful photos!

9 – I don’t wear make up.  I would really prefer to spend those extra minutes asleep in bed.  Plus, I really have no idea where do start.


10 – My go to movies that I watch over and over again are “Step Brothers”, “Hot Chick”, “School of Rock” and “Meet the Millers.

11 – I really like the TV shows “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones”.  I don’t get to watch them on the TV so I wait patiently for the DVD to come out and try to avoid those spoilers (yep.  I know that **** dies.  Facebook ruined it for me.  I managed to avoid it for three days!

12 – Back in the day I had a major celebrity crush on Elijah Wood (think Frodo from the Lord of the Rings) and Billie-Joe Armstrong (Green Day).  So hot!


Image source

13 – I am very privileged to have two University Degrees – a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Social Work.

14 – Aside from working on my online store Creepy & Co and running the Creepy & Co Blog, I work with children who are not able to live at home because they’re not safe.  Its challenging, but the kids are great and I enjoy spending time colouring in with them and talking.

15 – My favourite songs to sing in the car are anything Lady Gaga (Bad Romance!), Jesus of Suburbia (Green Day) and I also don’t mind singing along to Taylor Swift!

16 – My kryptonite is a drink of cold Milo made with two super sized heaped spoons of Milo, sometimes three.  I also like a spoon of Nutella chocolate spread every now and again.

17 – I like to cook chocolate cupcakes.


18 – In case you haven’t noticed I love the whole vintage pinup thing & it was even the theme for our wedding.


19 – I’ve had the same mobile phone number for the last 10 years.  My mum arranged it for me when I was in high school.  I’ve only just got a fancy new phone & couldn’t get a sim to fit without my mum being there =[.  So embarrassing when you’re 25 & still have to have your mum there.

20 – I love sewing and have been sewing ever since I was about 5 years old!


I’d love for you to share a random fact about yourself.  Feel free to leave a random fact in the comments!

Take care & keep safe!

Ashleigh x


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