A New Year a New You: 11 Goals to Smash in 2017

Its now January 2017 and its the ideal time for me to share with you my goals for my online business Creepy & Co and myself for the next 12 months ahead.  When I was brainstorming what I was going to post about this year I originally had this post as “Hopes & Dreams”, but when I label things like that, that’s all I tend to do.  I hope things would happen and dream of what things could be like and that’s where it stops.


Personally, hoping and dreaming doesn’t get me anywhere but goals do and I’m determined to smash these goals in 2017.  By sharing them with you and visiting them at the end of the year makes me accountable.  Here goes!

#1 Fully Stocked Store 

One thing that I want to smash this year is increasing the inventory of what I have available at Creepy & Co.  I want to offer you the opportunity to buy pretty dresses, skirts and tops with different options to choose from, as well as hair accessories, jewellery, clothing accessories and lingerie.  I want to be able to offer you popular brands such as Hell Bunny and Hearts & Roses, but I want to be able to become a stockist of independent creators and makers.


#2 Blog 

I had been deliberating about this forever and have finally got my bum into gear.  I’m determined to post to the blog once a week sharing with you fashion and style tips, as well as taking you behind the scenes of Creepy & Co and to also get to know each other better.


#3 Social Media 

This one I am not so great at.  My goal for 2017 is to touch base with you all on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram consistently, even if it is at least once per day.  It will be a great way for me to keep things fun, get to know you and how I can help you, but also a way to let you know what is available in store and what’s coming soon.


#4 Welcome more Members to the Creepy & Co Exclusive Club

Another goal I am determined to smash this year is to welcome more members to my exclusive club at Creepy & Co.  Our club is 1000+ members strong and I am determine to double that figure in 2017!

There’s no cost to become a member.  Just hand over your email.  If you haven’t become a member already then please leave your email.  In exchange I’ll keep you up to date with new and restocked things in store, let you know what’s new on the blog and also give you exclusive discounts to send in store.

#5 In Home Pop Up Shop

One thing that I get constantly asked by locals is “am I able to try it on?”.  I have been thinking of a way that I can do this and one idea that I had was to offer a pop up shop in your home for a couple of hours where you can invite your friends, try on pretty dresses and buy things at a discount.  I haven’t worked out any details or logistics of this yet but its on my to do list!


Image source

#6 Actually Use my Daily Planner 

Every year I go through the same thing, “I’ll buy a super cute daily planner and I’ll use it this year”, but never do.  This year is the year I’m going to make it happen!  I’ve not only bought one planner but two! One to list tasks and the other to track my progress on these goals.


Personal Goals 

#7 Pay More off Our Mortgage 

A goal that my husband and I were able to achieve in 2016 was to buy our first home together.  I had been working towards this goal for years and was super excited when an offer we had placed on the property was accepted and we could call it our own.  My goal for this year is use what I earn from Creepy & Co to continue paying extra and smash out paying our loan off as fast as possible.

#8 Create a Self Care Routine 

Outside of Creepy & Co I am a social worker who works with children who are not able to live with their families because they’re not safe.  It’s a tough gig, with your own personal beliefs and values being challenged at every step of the way.  I come home at the end of each day feeling absolutely exhausted, yet feeling grateful.


To prevent burning out and not getting compassion fatigue I’m determined to create a self care routine and actually stick to it.

#9 Move More 

My day job requires me to sit at a desk a lot of the time and not move.  As a result I’ve put on one or two or 50kg.  Exercise isn’t my thing and I’ll find any excuse not to do it.  In 2017 its my goal to prioritise it and make it come first before anything else.

#10 Stress Less 

A lot of things happened in my life in 2016 which caused a lot of stress and required a lot of resilience on my part.  This year I’m determined to stress and worry less.

#11 Date Night/Day with the Husband 

In March 2017 my husband and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary but eight happy years together.  We both work full time and a lot of the time we live our lives on a cycle of “wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed”.  This year I’m determined to go on a date with him at least once a month.


I would love to hear what your goals are in 2017 and we can smash them out together.  Feel free to share by commenting on this blog post.

I’ll see you back here in 12 months time to see how far we have come.

Take care & keep safe.

Ashleigh x

Creepy & Co

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