3 Ways to Wear a Creepy & Co Sugar Skull Crop Top

The Sugar Skull pinup halter neck crop top is a very popular choice in my online store Creepy & Co.  Its made from bright cotton fabric in a sweet Sugar Skull print, is fully lined for stability and features a classic sweetheart neckline.


This Sugar Skull top is so versatile.  It can be worn in so many different ways.  Whatever way you choose to wear it you will always be guaranteed to look and feel stunning.  Here are three of my favourite ways you can wear your very own Sugar Skull top.


This halter neck top looks super cute worn with a plain black skirt, a chunky black belt and accessorised with a red bead necklace, a black bead bracelet and cute black button bud earrings.


If your not as confident as others and prefer to compliment your outfit with a cute cardigan or shrug the Sugar Skull top will look absolutely gorgeous on you.


Finally, show off your inner pinup bombshell beauty teaming your Sugar Skull top with a pair of high waist jeans or black crop pants.

The team at Creepy & Co love having things in store that you will love and cannot wait to show off. We always keep you in mind with everything that we do. Each Creepy & Co product is gift wrapped with care because we take pride in making you feel special. Creepy & Co products can be found in boutique stores throughout Australia, but new releases are only available online.

Buy quality. Buy love. Buy Creepy & Co.

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