How Just Asking Can Save You Money at Creepy & Co

Have you browsed through my store lately and ever wondered, “I wonder what would that print would look like made into one of those cute pinup crop tops?”  Have you ever thought, “I love that print but I’m just not sure?”  This is what happened to Lucy, a dear member of my Creepy & Co community.


A few months ago, I received an email from a lovely young lady.  She said to me that she had been having difficulty finding something different to wear while visiting her family in Europe and after scrolling through her newsfeed on Facebook something had caught her eye.


Lucy told me that she had been following me on my Creepy & Co Facebook page for a while and said that she had seen a post that I had shared a few months ago of some fabric that I had purchased especially for my pinup style crop tops.

Lucy said that she knew it had been some time since I had shared the post and wondered if there was a chance it was still available as it was exactly what she had been looking for.  Lucy was in luck.  Not only did I have that fabric available, but I had added Creepy & Co Crop Tops to my fabric stash.

Creepy & Co Crop Top Collection

I took some photographs of the fabrics in my stash to show Lucy and she told me which print she liked and what style of top she wanted.  After several emails back and forth, Lucy then said it.  She said that she was not sold on the print and really was not sure.


I know how difficult and stressful it can be trying to imagine what something might be like when you only have a picture of some fabric and your imagination.  I can be a difficult task.  I have exactly the same trouble!

I said to Lucy, “I’m more than happy to make you a top in the size and style that you’d like.  There’s no pressure to buy it if you don’t like it and it will give me a chance to finally make one to photograph properly and add it to my store.”  Lucy was keen for this to happen and gave me a time frame of when she left to travel overseas.


Within a short period of time I had completely finished her top and it was ready for the big reveal.  I loved the finished product and I knew Lucy would too.  The stars in the print looked like they sparked.  Lucy was so excited to see it finished and said that it was exactly what she wanted.  She said that the fabric looked perfect and that she could not be happier.  Lucy was that impressed with the final product that she had asked me to make a matching headband!  Winning!


When I opened my store Creepy and Co, it was my goal to go that extra mile for my Creepy & Co community.  I would really hate for you to feel that you have to work things out on your own.    I am always keen make myself available to help in any way possible and answer those curiosities and questions that you might have.  Nothing is too much trouble I assure you.

So next time you’re browsing through my store and wouldn’t mind seeing something in it’s made up glory, just shoot me an email!

Until next time, take care and keep safe.

Ashleigh x

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